Our church is sensitive to abuse of any kind. Pastor Terry and Pam Benjamin have for years, offered a support and education group for women, and men also, who are dealing with issues of physical or emotional abuse. In our culture, 1 in 4 persons are or have been abused by a “loved one” or spouse. Most incidents are never reported or dealt with due to the fear of the victim, embarrassment or absence of physical marks to prove that abuse has occurred. Pastor Terry and Pam offer a confidential, safe place to meet and talk out ways to deal with and stop such abuse. Perhaps even more importantly, to help persons determine if they are being abused. As strange as that might sound, many people are convinced by their abuser that they “deserve it”, “ask for it”, or in some other way are responsible for the abuse. Most common is emotional abuse, which involves one person having control over another. (checking mileage on the car, extreme jealousy, monitoring who their spouse talks to, etc.) Many victims of emotional abuse say that it is worse than being physically hit, because “the physical scars heal more quickly that the emotional ones”. Pam and Terry believe that they have saved lives by helping people safely escape such situations. Call Pam at (937) 321-4219 or Terry at (937) 371-1803 for information about their free support and education group, or help in dealing with abuse. Other numbers are: 24 hour crisis line 1-800-799-7233; Warren County Abuse Center (513) 695-1107.