United Church of Christ

Springboro United Church of Christ Ministires

Christian Education, Adult Bible Study

Every Other Wednesday, at 5:45 p.m.

While each person will be at a different point in their spiritual journey, it remains important to continue Christian education and implementing God’s teachings and values. Applying the word of God to our experiences helps us grow as a congregation and community.

Through faith and fellowship, the members of the United Church of Christ provide the following education classes for those wanting to continue on their journey.

Christian Education
Christian Education

Youth Ministries

The Holy Spirit at Work in Our Community

Educating our children about the word of God goes way beyond Sunday School. The Springboro UCC provides youth groups for children ages three through high school students. But we don’t stop there!

Our young Christians are not only just active in our community, but also assist with missionary work all around the world. We encourage our children to take part in the variety of youth ministry options available to them to help teach them how God’s teachings can make a difference in everyone’s lives.

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Call us today to join one fo our Chistian Education programs at (937) 748-1969, or send us an e-mail by clicking here. Sunday Church Services are held at 10:15 a.m. every Sunday – hope to see you soon!